BCSC: Extracurriculars - Hannibal and The Real Housewives


We're leaning heavily on the "shmook" side this week with a short episode talking about what we've been up to in between reading.  Will and I have been watching a lot of TV and it runs the gamut from botoxed rich babes to cannibalistic serial killers.  Check it out and let us know if you've been watching any of the same things or have any suggestions for us by getting in touch by e-mailing us at shmookclubrules@gmail.com.

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See you next Thursday, April 17 when we talk about the first half of The Gunslinger by Stephen King.  So long!

WBKE - Episode 67: Futuristic Psychedelia

Woohoo, everybody! Welcome to this week's episode of Will and Bobby Know Everything, where we're talking about cat power, dog stuff, and ANOTHER weird cannibal man! We also talk about how I (Will) am an idiot because I'd rather take a shitty tour of America than visit the 7 wonders of the world. It's a hoot! Click here to listen!

And then:

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Episode 68 next week!

WBKE - Episode 53: Creeps, Sweeps, and The Beeps

Hey guys, welcome to episode 53 of Will and Bobby Know Everything! This week I (Will) almost get another death threat on Facebook (this time from a guy who has claimed he's actually willing to kill), we revolutionize horses for the twenty first century, and our host, Kristen, tells us nightmare stories of her experiences with online dating! CLICK HERE to listen! (we also put up a new episode of our other podcast Studio Rejects this week: click here for that)

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Episode 54 next week!

WBKE - Episode 39: Candy Cane Lips

Hey guys, welcome to Episode 39 of WBKE, hosted by none other than my (Will) sister Kristen Rogers! I can't believe how well this show came out considering that not only was I in a shitty mood as we recorded, but Bobby Skyped in from Brooklyn, because he wasn't feeling well. It's such a goddamn good show. Kristen tells us about a possibly psychopathic woman who comes into her salon, Bobby talks about a weird control freak who came into his bar, and I generally lose my temper about everything! I say this a lot, but this might actually be one of my favorite shows we've ever done!


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Episode 40 next week!

WBKE - Episode 35: When I Was Your Age Part Two

Hey guys, welcome to Part Two of When I Was Your Age. Last week we had my (Will's) father Richard Rogers as a guest, and now we have my mother, Kathie Rogers. In this episode we learn a lot. A lot. So much that my mom asked if we could put a disclaimer at the top of the show. It's amazing. We delve into topics like dating, getting in trouble, and then we find out what mom was doing when she was Bobby's and my age. It's a great show!

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That's about it other than the fact that we just put a new installment of Will and Bobby Wrote Something online. This is Part Five of our ongoing narrative explaining all the various shows, comics, and movies that Bobby and I have come up with. This particular installment is pretty interesting as it's all about a time that Bobby and I faced a turning point in our writing, so check it out (click here to read) and let us know what you think of the podcast and the blog at WillAndBobby@gmail.com

Thanks guys, episode 36 next week!

WBKE - Episode 18: Social Media Part 2 (Me and My Murderer)

Hey guys, welcome to a very special episode of Will and Bobby Know Everything. If you listened to Part One of Social Media, then you know that my sister Kristen joins me and Bobby for the topic, and you know that we hadn't planned on it being a two-parter.

For that reason, yes, this episode is a bit shorter than our shows usually are, but it's amazing. This episode is basically all about a particular story: the story of the insane man I offended, who threatened me that he'll never forget the ways I have wronged him.

It's a story about insanity, anger, and my inevitable death at the hands of a crazy person.

If you want, feel free to read the original story I wrote (just after the events of the story) as you listen for a truly engrossing experience: Me and My Murderer


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Episode 19 next week!

WBKE - Episode 17 - Social Media Part One

Hey guys, for this week's show, my sister Kristen comes back and we have a conversation about social media. We talk about freaks trying to hook up via videogames, we talk about a guy who explained to Bobby that aliens are real (and are responsible for all modern technology), and we talk about people on YouTube who reply to popular videos, with cleavage all over the place.

As usual, look for the show on iTunes or click here to listen from your browser! We're also on Twitter and Facebook!

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Part 2 next week!

WBKE - Episode 7: Crazy People Part 2

This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, guest host Sarah Becker joins Bobby, my sister Kristen (still here from last week) and me to wrap up our conversation about crazy people. Enjoy our conversation about a man Sarah lives across the street from, who used to trade fish for beer, a woman who tried to get Kristen to clean a toilet for her, Bobby's experience with a wild alcoholic, and my experience with a clearly insane woman I had to share a cubicle with for almost a year!

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