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WBKE - Episode 100: Public Speaking Again

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Here we are, everybody! Sitting pretty at Episode 100 of Will and Bobby Know Everything! It's been an amazing experience this week, coming up with facts about the show, thinking about where it all started, thinking about how much has happened. We're joined by Michael Costa to revisit old ideas, and we're about to kick off the next 100 shows. Thank you so much for listening, we really hope you've enjoyed WBKE as much as we have. THERE'S A TON OF NEW STUFF COMING SOON, so you honestly had better enjoy us!
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Episode 101 next week!

WBKE - Episode 69: Daddy Daycare

HELLO WORLD! This week on WBKE: Will finds out what it's REALLY like to eat a snail, Bobby drinks toilet water, and our guest Michael Costa spills every bean in the basket about being a dad. Seriously, it's a fun show and we all want to own children some day. Like genuinely own them or have them as pets or something. OKAY!

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WBKE - Episode 12: Nerd Culture Part 2

EDIT: Hey guys, evidently I blew it. This episode required some tricky editing, and as a result, we refer to something at the end of the episode seemingly out of no where. We had been discussing how a man in Taipei died in an internet cafe, and no one noticed for hours. So for background info, check out the article here to have some idea what we're talking about: Gamers Ignore Corpse in Internet Cafe. Now, I obviously could go back and edit the references we make out of the episode, but it's not that big a deal.  Just know that we had been talking about how nerds get too invested in things. It's insane that this guy died sitting in a chair in front of a computer. Also, Bobby asks how this is possible, since the guy died after just 10 hours of sitting. He asked why being immobile for a long time evidently kills you. Wouldn't people die in their sleep every night? I made the hilarious joke that when it's recommended you get 8 hours of sleep a night, 8 hours isn't the minimum...It's the maximum! "You gotta get outta that bed, baby!"

Man, I should have left all that in, that's hilarious. I'm hilarious.


This week, Bobby and I are joined again by Michael Costa and Matt Battaglia to have another conversation about a whole bunch of nerdy bullshit. We might actually be nerdier in this one.

This episode has it all: The Walking Dead, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Batman, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and a renewed debate over which one of us is the nerdiest. The decision is honestly pretty surprising.

We also talk about the concept of saying "well the book is better than the movie."

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Episode 13 next week!