BCSC: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Part 3


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Welcome to our talk finishing up Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  While we're happy to see you, it can't be ignored that this time we meet this time after the most solemn of events.  Let's pour out a little pumpkin juice for one of our fallen comrades.  Let's also freak out about how awesome Dumbledore is.  Let's also talk about how there's no such thing as a guilty pleasure and how I love watching crap tv.  Amen.

On the next Shmook Club we're going to invite our friend Bobby Koester back to the Shmook Clubhouse to talk about the first half of Watchmen by Alan Moore, so read up to Chapter 7 (meaning through Chapter 6, WILL) and be ready to talk about it on Thursday, June 26.  But we'll be back next week with an Extracurricular episode, so talk to you then!  Take 'er easy!


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See you next week!

BCSC: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Part 1


Wotcher, friends!  This week we're talking about the first third of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and it looks like things are off to a pretty bumpy start for Harry and the gang.  We get into some Molly vs. Sirius talk, a little book vs. movie action, and as always, Kristen vs. William in a battle of wits that'll leave you breathless.  Jump on in!

We'll be reading the next third of the book, which bring us up to Chapter 26, which is page 570 or 64%, and talking about it in 2 weeks on Thursday, May 29.  Don't worry though, we'll be back to warm your ears up next week with a little Extracurricular action.  Talk to you then!

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BCSC: The Gunslinger Part 2


Well folks, looks like us weary ol' gunslingers are at the end of our journey.  Or is it the end of the beginning?  Let's find out!  This week we finish up The Gunslinger by Stephen King, and do some real (and justified) mean girl-ing, get into some existential universe talk, and learn some new words.  Join us!

Next book up is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and we're dividing this one into thirds because it's humongous.  So read up to Chapter 14, which is page 278 or at 32% on an e-reader, and be ready to hear us flap our yaps about it on May 15.  Talk to you then!



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