WBKE - Episode 43: WTF! with Bobby Koester

BOOYA, EVERYBODY! Welcome to a fun state-of-emergency episode of WBKE! With the fucking frankenstorm coming to town to ruin our day, you'll want to get this show on your iPods or fancy-phones so you can have our loud voices comfort you in your time of need! Listen to me (Will) tell a story about becoming a nightmare booze-monster, and hear Bobby's story about a guy he used to know who may be an actual lunatic. Love this show.

SO ANYWAY, to listen:


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And as usual, find us on Twitter (@WillRogers2000 and @BobbyKoester), on Facebook, on YouTube, and also email us comments and questions to WillAndBobby@gmail.com!

There are a lot of fun new things coming up for us, you guys. We still have some work to do, but we're getting closer and closer to making some announcements. I can't wait. To that end, we could really use a hand. If any of you guys have any skills in video/audio editing, can write music, or design logos, and you'd like to lend your talents, let us know! It'd be fun to team up with you guys!

Anyway, enjoy the show you guys, we fucking love recording them!

Episode 44 next week!