WBKE 118: Ted Bundy-gas!


This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, we need some help putting a couch in the back of our van. And then we're going to murder you.

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Episode 119 next week!

WBKE - Episode 39: Candy Cane Lips

Hey guys, welcome to Episode 39 of WBKE, hosted by none other than my (Will) sister Kristen Rogers! I can't believe how well this show came out considering that not only was I in a shitty mood as we recorded, but Bobby Skyped in from Brooklyn, because he wasn't feeling well. It's such a goddamn good show. Kristen tells us about a possibly psychopathic woman who comes into her salon, Bobby talks about a weird control freak who came into his bar, and I generally lose my temper about everything! I say this a lot, but this might actually be one of my favorite shows we've ever done!


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Episode 40 next week!

The Worst Movie Ever Written

Click here to listen. It's Wednesday, and that means Will and Bobby are keeping our promise on producing new content for you all! These Wednesday shows are going to be a little different from our normal menutia. This week, we're giving everyone out there a quick read through of The Worst Movie Ever Written. It was e-mailed to us, and immediately we loved it so much we wanted to share it with you all.

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This is awesome.

WBKE - Episode 18: Social Media Part 2 (Me and My Murderer)

Hey guys, welcome to a very special episode of Will and Bobby Know Everything. If you listened to Part One of Social Media, then you know that my sister Kristen joins me and Bobby for the topic, and you know that we hadn't planned on it being a two-parter.

For that reason, yes, this episode is a bit shorter than our shows usually are, but it's amazing. This episode is basically all about a particular story: the story of the insane man I offended, who threatened me that he'll never forget the ways I have wronged him.

It's a story about insanity, anger, and my inevitable death at the hands of a crazy person.

If you want, feel free to read the original story I wrote (just after the events of the story) as you listen for a truly engrossing experience: Me and My Murderer


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Episode 19 next week!

WBKE - Episode 11: Nerd Culture Part 1

This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, our good friend Matt Battaglia joins us to discuss nerd culture, and eventually, which one of us is the nerdiest. It's a pretty fast paced episode, where we furiously debate whether or not these franchises suck:

The Walking Dead, Comic Book Men, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.

We each also admit something that we are embarrassed about, and shockingly, Bobby has a shit ton of them.

Also, Bobby tells some insanely fascinating stories, one about a friend, and one about himself, and I'm kicking myself for not asking him more questions about them!

This episode is crazy, it's fun, it's fast paced, and we cover almost everything. ALMOST! There will be a Part Two next week with Mike Costa added to the conversation!

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Part 2 next week!

Ouija Board: The Movie (Based on Ouija Board: The Thing)

Last year, it was announced that there was going to be an OFFICIAL Ouija Board movie, directed by McG (who directed Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle, remember how much everybody loved that?). The budget was announced as being $100 million. NOTE: This project seriously existed.

Fortunately, it was cancelled, because, well, that was a stupid fucking idea.

Unfortunately, Ouija wouldn't stay dead (!!!) and now it's back with a $5 million budget, and now the joke around the internet is that the movie must suck to have such a huge budget cut. Meanwhile, I'm left wondering why they're even spending twenty bucks.


How fucking stupid are we getting as consumers? The bar is set so goddamn low now. All that's required in a blockbuster movie is the bare minimum amount of plot elements possible to make it recognizable as a genre of some sort.

Exciting action movies just need to have things moving around while you hear explosions and shit. Have you ever seen a Transformers movie? I have no idea what happens in them. The point of the movie is literally "Look at that car, now it's shaped like a robot and it's HITTING ANOTHER ROBOT!"

They made a movie out of the game Battleship. It's about alien submarines that jam our radar so we have to blindly shoot torpedoes at them...I actually think that's kind of clever...Dammit...

So now Ouija Board: The Movie is back on track to dazzle audiences by having the same plot as almost every ghost movie ever, except they can use an OFFICIAL BOARD! Hooray!

Now I'll be able to buy the "The official board featured in Ouija Board: The Movie" or maybe tell people that I was into Ouija boards before they got popular.

Fuck this movie (NOTE: I might see this movie)

Based on the Ouija movie, here are some great movies I just came up with ON MY OWN:

Where's Waldo: Detective Waldo Johnson is an FBI agent gone rogue. He's going to tell the media all of his Chief's secrets unless they can find him NOW! Match the tone of the "Bourne" movies and we'll all be rich!

Hungry Hungry Hippos: A mad scientist creates a super soldier serum, but accidentally lightly drizzles it on his pet hippo (I'm getting sick of writing this, so whatever) and it get's big and mad...then it eats shit... I'm a millionaire!

Mr. Potato Head: A man has a horrible disease that causes his body to fall apart. There is no cure, and he doesn't want to upset his family, so he tries to hide his illness. When his head falls off his body, he does his best to look normal by resting it on a pair of shoes and tapes little plastic action figure arms to his cheeks. He lives in a horrible world of pain, crying out in anguish and despair for the majority of the movie, while his psychotic children gleefully place different types of glasses on his face. He begs for them to kill him, but they don't want to end the fun. Eventually the police show up to investigate the man's disappearance because his boss at the Potato Factory (lazy) has reported him missing.

The police walk in to find the mans body discarded and rotting on the floor, and are delighted to see how much fun the kids are having. They join in, contributing a police hat for the man to wear. Eventually they realize that other people should be able to have the same fun as them, so they create a doll of a disembodied head that you can dress up in all kinds of silly clothes. The disembodied head is decided to be bizarre and inappropriate, so they change it to a potato once they remember that the guy worked at a "Potato Factory" (I MADE THIS RELEVANT).

Boom, I'm either rich or in a mental institution.




One last thing: They should call the Ouija Board movie "Ouija Movie" to mirror "Ouija Board."

"Honey, which Ouija thing did we want? Was it the board or the movie?"

Breitbart Died and then Awesome Stuff Happened

FIRST: I'm not saying it's awesome that he died, I'm saying the  response to his death is kind of awesome. Gawker just posted this article, in which they show all the tweets from people who think that Andrew Breitbart's death was NOT of natural causes. I highly suggest reading this for both the entertainment value and the sense of horror you get at how crazy people are/how poorly they think/write:

Breitbart's Death: The Conspiracy Insta-Theories

My first reaction was "Holy shit, these people are crazy," which became "Holy shit, this is awesome," which finally evolved into "Holy shit, I don't care about this at all, but how awesome would it be if Obama DID kill Breitbart!?"

Obviously there's shit the government doesn't tell us, but I highly doubt they're trying to silence this guy from revealing some of Obama's "colledge 'issues.'" (I'm intentionally misspelling "college" here, by the way, check the Gawker article)

First of all, if Andrew Breitbart had stumbled across some massive secret that was big enough for Obama to want him dead, then I'm sure he had the foresight to make sure someone else ALSO had the info.

Just think about how many cliché stories there are about a guy who has info no one else does, and being killed for it. It's such a common idea. There's no way anybody who stumbles across a major hidden truth doesn't back up the info one million different ways.

Goofy conspiracy theories aren't true.

I just think it'd be awesome if they were true, the same way I wish ghosts were real.

How Is This Possible?

Holy shit, read this: After Drinking Gasoline, Man Lights Cigarette and Bursts into Flames

How do you "unknowingly" go outside for a cigarette? Was he that stupid, or is it just bad writing?

Yes, this man died, so I shouldn't be making fun of him, but this is fucking insane. Can you imagine someone you love dying like this? What would be the stronger reaction, "oh my god, they're gone" or "oh my god, I had no idea they were that stupid."


WBKE - Episode 7: Crazy People Part 2

This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, guest host Sarah Becker joins Bobby, my sister Kristen (still here from last week) and me to wrap up our conversation about crazy people. Enjoy our conversation about a man Sarah lives across the street from, who used to trade fish for beer, a woman who tried to get Kristen to clean a toilet for her, Bobby's experience with a wild alcoholic, and my experience with a clearly insane woman I had to share a cubicle with for almost a year!

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