Studio Rejects: Saw Fanfic


Buckle up, you guys, we're going on a journey. Listen as we tell the interesting theory we have as to why there aren't really any unfinished drafts or fan scripts of Saw. No joke, it's actually kind of strange. 

And then god damn enjoy the insane fanfic we found for you, while you cross your fingers, hoping that we get a full, actual fan script for Saw VIII sent to us by THIS GUY:


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Next week, maybe Saw, but definitely something!

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Studio Rejects: I, Robot Part Two

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WELCOME BACK TO STUDIO REJECTS! We missed a week, and I know you know that! And I hope you know we're sorry and we'll never do it again (we might do it again really really soon). 

We're back with Part Two of I, Robot. The movie may have started out with some pretty ridiculous, largely nonsensical garbage, but I'm thrilled to let you know that it...has possibly gotten worse...ENJOY!

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Part Three next week! I hope!

WBKE 105: WB2045


This week on WBKE, we are STILL gittin' it done! New solid plans for the comic, new ideas for a future show, a revelation as to our secret goals, and also Bobby likes the word "cheese," EVEN MORE than the word "banana..."

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