WBKE 120: Podawful - The Will and Bobby Years


This week on a very special Will and Bobby Know Everything, Bobby is away being a tough-guy muscle-man so we're sharing with you a very interesting show we produced last year. Jesse PS of Podawful had just completed Season 6 of the show, and during the break before the start of Season 7, Bobby and I decided to cover him. Like Joan Rivers on the Tonight Show, or Adam Sandler on The Late Show, we stayed faithful to the format but did it our way. If you're a fan of Podawful, this is a great introduction to Will and Bobby Know Everything. If you're a fan of Will and Bobby Know Everything, this is a great introduction to Podawful. All around, it's a terrific show, out of time, and officially canon!


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Episode 121 next week!

WBKE - Episode 37: Crambeaux

YO! This week on WBKE, I air out some dirty laundry, we talk about how terrifying the internet is, and then Bobby starts crying as he tells me how much he loves magic. It's fucking so weird and funny, so check it out! Here's how:

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Episode 38 next week!

WBKE - Episode 28: Social Ineptitude Part One

This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, we have what became Part One of a long, weird conversation. Bobby's friend Erica joins us via Skype for an episode that covers so much ground, it's unbelievable. Gangs, racism, celebrities, and so much more. I swear to god I don't even remember talking about half this shit. It's awesome. Erica seems to be a bottomless pit of bizarre stories. She confuses me at every turn. Check this show out:

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Now next week, Bobby and I are going to have TWO new episodes of the show online at once! We'll have Part Two of this conversation, obviously, but we're also going to have a bonus OPTIONAL episode centered around The Dark Knight Rises, which will most likely contain spoilers for the movie. So only if you have seen the movie or don't care about spoilers should you listen to that show. Assuming that not everybody has, we'll have the regular show up. At best, you get two shows, at worst, you still get one.

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