WBKE - Episode 27: One Day At Horrorland

There's a new episode of Will and Bobby Know Everything up! Episode 27 is entitled One Day At Horrorland, and it deals with such important topics as Bobby's face, roller coasters, Will's fear of windows?, and Dave Link making cat noises! How could you pass that up?! Anyway, be sure you like us on Facebook.

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Ultimately, we want to produce more content for you all!

In other news, that kickstarter to put Bobby's ass in baked beans hasn't been started yet, but don't think we forgot about it!

Enjoy the show, everyone.

WBKE LIVE: June 2012

Last night Bobby and I recorded our very first live show! I think it went pretty well, but I'm an idiot, so take that with a grain of salt. It was a lot like the regular podcast, except instead of having a host, we basically rotated in a few different people for a little while each. It was fun.

I got to talk about death and yell at Bobby, so I'm pretty happy about it. I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who joined us for the show, and also a huge apology for anyone I may have been mean to, without realizing it.

Anyway, go check out the show by clicking on this link:

WBKE LIVE: June 2012

So that's that, thanks again everybody, I think Bobby and I are going to try to do something like this every once in a while. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please e-mail us at WillAndBobby@gmail.com, and as always remember to follow us on Twitter (@WillAndBobby) and like our Facebook Page to get goofy updates and talk back to us about them.

Episode 25 of WBKE will be a new, different episode that Bobby and I recorded on the week I moved into my new apartment, and as such the audio is hazy, but deal with it, the show is fucking hilarious...And there's a special something we talk about that you guys can get involved in!

WBKE - Episode 8: Technology

This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, Igor Brodsky guides Bobby and me in a conversation about Technology! This episode has it all:

Questions about the future of pants technology.

Questions about the nature of the earth/aliens.

Discussion of what objects Bobby and I would like to be, which logically devolves into me trying to figure out the best way to ruin the rest of his life.

It's pretty goddamn action packed so get listening!

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Episode 9 next week!

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Breitbart Died and then Awesome Stuff Happened

FIRST: I'm not saying it's awesome that he died, I'm saying the  response to his death is kind of awesome. Gawker just posted this article, in which they show all the tweets from people who think that Andrew Breitbart's death was NOT of natural causes. I highly suggest reading this for both the entertainment value and the sense of horror you get at how crazy people are/how poorly they think/write:

Breitbart's Death: The Conspiracy Insta-Theories

My first reaction was "Holy shit, these people are crazy," which became "Holy shit, this is awesome," which finally evolved into "Holy shit, I don't care about this at all, but how awesome would it be if Obama DID kill Breitbart!?"

Obviously there's shit the government doesn't tell us, but I highly doubt they're trying to silence this guy from revealing some of Obama's "colledge 'issues.'" (I'm intentionally misspelling "college" here, by the way, check the Gawker article)

First of all, if Andrew Breitbart had stumbled across some massive secret that was big enough for Obama to want him dead, then I'm sure he had the foresight to make sure someone else ALSO had the info.

Just think about how many cliché stories there are about a guy who has info no one else does, and being killed for it. It's such a common idea. There's no way anybody who stumbles across a major hidden truth doesn't back up the info one million different ways.

Goofy conspiracy theories aren't true.

I just think it'd be awesome if they were true, the same way I wish ghosts were real.

How Is This Possible?

Holy shit, read this: After Drinking Gasoline, Man Lights Cigarette and Bursts into Flames

How do you "unknowingly" go outside for a cigarette? Was he that stupid, or is it just bad writing?

Yes, this man died, so I shouldn't be making fun of him, but this is fucking insane. Can you imagine someone you love dying like this? What would be the stronger reaction, "oh my god, they're gone" or "oh my god, I had no idea they were that stupid."