Will and Bobby Wrote Something Part Three.Five

Click here to start back at Part One! Today they finally announced an actual release date for the fourth season of Arrested Development. It's officially going to be released on May 26th, all 15 episodes of it at once. I can't wait.

Some of you might have seen or heard references Bobby and I have made about the Arrested Development script we wrote, and I feel like there's no better time to put it online than now.

Somewhere around the time of the death of The Dead Don't Walk and the beginning of Edinburgh falls, Bobby and I decided that we should probably get around to writing a spec script. A spec script is basically just any script that you write, but for aspiring writers, it's usually a good idea for young unknown writers to pick an existing show, and write an episode for it. Basically it will display your versatility and show that you can emulate a style and find the voice of the characters. Because Bobby and I are idiots, we decided to write an episode of Arrested Development, knowing full well how insanely complex it is. We decided it would take place vaguely after the end of the third season.

All you need to know is that we are supposing that they held on to their company and that Lucille is out of jail. Other than that, I think you're good to go. So without any further ado, here's

Arrested Development: The Queen Mary

(EDIT: We've since recorded this script as a  radio play of sorts for our podcast Studio Rejects! You can listen to it HERE!)

After passing the script around a bit, one of the notes we received was "great script, but you probably should have written an episode of a show that still exists." I don't see what the difference is, but whatever: the show exists again. Get at us, Hollywood!

Thanks for reading guys! If you want to continue on to Part Four, click here!

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