A FREE Story Slam in Highland Park

Story Slam

Bobby and I are hosting a FREE storytelling event at Ruthie's in Highland Park!

Here's what it is: Starting at 7:00pm on Sunday, November 10th, anybody who signs up get's 5 minutes at the microphone, where they can tell a story of their choosing. Comedy, tragedy, everything is welcome and encouraged!

The night can be whatever you want! Want to participate, you can sign up! Just want to have a fun night out? Kick back and have fun, it's your choice!

Want to participate? Email to get on the list! Spend the next couple weeks considering what kind of story you want to tell. Something meaningful that happened to you recently, something you're struggling with, or even something weird/funny that happened!

We do have a theme for the night, which you can certainly use as a jumping-off point:

"Shouldn't have done that"

Roll that thought around, and see what comes to mind. Explore!

Want to listen? Mark down the date, and then, that night, here's what you need to do: Walk into Ruthie's at 70 Raritan Avenue, Highland Park, 08904, and grab a table. That's it. Done. Enjoy! Grab some coffee or a pastry and have a good time.

This story slam can be whatever you want it to be (Please spread the word!), and no matter what, it's going to be a good time.

Come hang out with Bobby and me for our first event ever. It's going to be a great night, and we can't wait!


WBKE - Episode 50: If I Go Down

Happy 50th Episode, everybody! I'm not sure if that's a milestone or not, when it comes to a weekly show, but it's certainly a satisfying number! This week on the show we're joined again by our buddy Anthony Walker, who you'll probably remember from Episode 24! We have a weird conversation that starts with Bobby's penis, turns into a conversation about suicide, and then amazingly enough, comes back to Bobby's penis. Seriously. It's a really interesting conversation, and in the final minutes, we play a NEW SINGLE from Anthony called "If I Go Down." It's such a good song.

Click here to listen! Or grab the show on iTunes!

We're also available on the Stitcher smart phone app for Android/Apple!

Once you're done with the show, you'll definitely want to check out Anthony's Bandcamp Page, where you can buy his music!

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And on Facebook. We also do a couple of YouTube shows that you should really be watching: SUBSCRIBE!

Thanks for listening guys, we love doing the show, so we hope you guys enjoy it!

Episode 51 next week!

WBKE - Episode 43: WTF! with Bobby Koester

BOOYA, EVERYBODY! Welcome to a fun state-of-emergency episode of WBKE! With the fucking frankenstorm coming to town to ruin our day, you'll want to get this show on your iPods or fancy-phones so you can have our loud voices comfort you in your time of need! Listen to me (Will) tell a story about becoming a nightmare booze-monster, and hear Bobby's story about a guy he used to know who may be an actual lunatic. Love this show.

SO ANYWAY, to listen:


2. Go to the WBKE page on the iTunes store, or search for us on the Stitcher smart phone app!

3. Click here to get more detailed instructions!

And as usual, find us on Twitter (@WillRogers2000 and @BobbyKoester), on Facebook, on YouTube, and also email us comments and questions to!

There are a lot of fun new things coming up for us, you guys. We still have some work to do, but we're getting closer and closer to making some announcements. I can't wait. To that end, we could really use a hand. If any of you guys have any skills in video/audio editing, can write music, or design logos, and you'd like to lend your talents, let us know! It'd be fun to team up with you guys!

Anyway, enjoy the show you guys, we fucking love recording them!

Episode 44 next week!

WBKE - Episode 42: JOIN OUR CULT

Kaboom everybody! This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, I (Will) instantly start telling Bobby something that I knew he'd hate. Turns out I was absolutely right. We very quickly segue into a conversation about what distopian future we're most likely heading for, and play with the rules of time travel! Bobby also invents a new sport, and I absolutely believe it's going to be the next big thing. Fucking so stupid.

Anyway, listen closely to hear the rules for this week's contest! Whoever sends in the most creative explanation for a sound Bobby is making will win an ACTUAL PRIZE! Just send your answer to us at!

And here’s how to listen:


2. Go to the WBKE iTunes Store page, or search for the show on the Stitcher smart phone app!

3. Read our insanely detailed How to Listen page!

Also be sure to follow us on Twitter (@WillRogers2000 and @BobbyKoester) and like us on Facebook (and find more in our About Us page)! And please feel free to send any comments or questions to us at!

Remember, we're also looking for people to send in scary stories for a Halloween episode, so please help us out by asking your family and friends if they've ever seen a ghost or experienced anything that chilled them to the bone!

Thanks guys, and enjoy the show!

Episode 43 next week!

WBKE - Episode 40: Health, Wellness, and Goats

This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything we're joined by our old friend Matt Van Auken, who tells us all about his experiences in med school, and his youthful experiences of being a man who wears a loin cloth. Also look out for Bobby telling us how long it's been since he last drank milk, and my casual encouragement that a particular person should just be murdered. I may or may not have re-thought that position. It's a goddamn good show, so check it out and spread the word! Here's how to listen:


2. Go to the iTunes Store/Find it on Stitcher

3. For crazy detailed instructions, go to our How to Listen section!

You can find Bobby and me on Twitter and Facebook in our About Us section, too!

We're also excited about starting up a BRAND NEW WEEKLY CONTEST! In a nutshell, we want you guys to send us as awesome a piece of trivia as you can drudge up, related to the shows topic! If we pick yours, we send you a prize! An actual physical prize! So for this week's contest, send us any info you have about Hoarders! You know what? How about this: send us a cool piece of trivia OR a personal experience! Just email us at with your trivia/experience!

I'm excited about this, and you're going to love/hate the prize! We're not going to tell you what the prizes are except to say this: they're weird.

Alright, thanks guys, enjoy the show!

Episode 41 next week!

WBKE - Episode 39: Candy Cane Lips

Hey guys, welcome to Episode 39 of WBKE, hosted by none other than my (Will) sister Kristen Rogers! I can't believe how well this show came out considering that not only was I in a shitty mood as we recorded, but Bobby Skyped in from Brooklyn, because he wasn't feeling well. It's such a goddamn good show. Kristen tells us about a possibly psychopathic woman who comes into her salon, Bobby talks about a weird control freak who came into his bar, and I generally lose my temper about everything! I say this a lot, but this might actually be one of my favorite shows we've ever done!


Click here to listen from your browser!

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You should also definitely check out Kristen's BLOG and ETSY STORE, because she's one of the funniest/most pleasant people in the world!

Also make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow Bobby (@BobbyKoester) and me (@WillRogers2000) on Twitter, and like our Facebook page!

We still want you to send in your scary stories! If you have any personal encounters with the supernatural or a favorite scary story, we want to hear about it! Email is at with spooky stuff that we can read on next month's Halloween show! Also if you have a friend or family member who has a story, get them involved! You can also leave your story for us as a voicemail! Just call us on Skype! Our username is WillAndBobby, and when you call you'll hear a message from me, prompting you to start talking! Please please please send in stories or tell your friends to, I think it'd be a lot of fun to have your stories in the show!

Finally, feel free to email us with comments or questions and please post about us on Facebook and Twitter and shit. Help spread the word! No one knows who we are!

Episode 40 next week!

Car Friends - Episode 4

Hey everybody! Bobby just put Episode 3 of Car Friends up in our YouTube channel! Watch it and laugh like an asshole around 50 seconds in! [youtube]

Holy shit, so good. Subscribe and send it to your friends!

Episode 4 next week!

WBKE - Episode 37: Crambeaux

YO! This week on WBKE, I air out some dirty laundry, we talk about how terrifying the internet is, and then Bobby starts crying as he tells me how much he loves magic. It's fucking so weird and funny, so check it out! Here's how:

Click here to listen straight from your browser!

Click here to check out the show's iTunes page, or just look it up on the Stitcher smart phone app!

We're also trying to get prepared for a Halloween episode of the show, and we want your help! We're looking for you to submit scary stories, tales of things that terrify you, or just share with us things that you dread happening! You can email them to us at, or send them to us at our YouTube channel (click here), or leave a voicemail with your telling of the tale to our Skype name (WillAndBobby)! If you don't have a story of your own, ask your friends to get involved! We want to read or play your scary stories on the show! The deadline is October 27th, which is a while away, but send those stories in ASAP!

Anyway, remember to subscribe to the YouTube channel, like the Facebook Page, and follow @WillRogers2000 and @BobbyKoester on Twitter! And make sure you check out our new features like Car Friends and This Week on Reddit!

Now go tell your goofy friends about the stupid show, and stay tuned, because we're planning even more new features, coming soon!

Episode 38 next week!

WBKE - Episode 36: Writing

This week on WBKE, Bobby and I are joined again by my girlfriend, Allie, and we have a conversation about writing, a topic all three of us have particular opinions of. We read about 50 Shades of Grey, get philosophical about the concept of freedom, and then Allie tells us about her experiences writing for a summer theater program with one of the slimiest pieces of shit we've ever met! It's fucked up and hilarious. Also, Bobby suggests a new theme song for the show... Click here to listen, or get it on iTunes or the Stitcher app for smartphones!

Also, make sure you check out our new YouTube show Car Friends, which we'll be putting online every Wednesday! And when you  watch it, make sure you subscribe to the channel!

We also have a new entry of Will and Bobby Wrote Something, which I'm pretty proud of. Click here to read it!

Other than that, make sure you follow us on Twitter (@WillRogers2000 and @BobbyKoester), like us on Facebook, and help spread the word about us! We're still a small obscure operation, so please tell your friends about us!

You can also email us at for any comments or questions!

Episode 37 next week!

WBKE - Episode 35: When I Was Your Age Part Two

Hey guys, welcome to Part Two of When I Was Your Age. Last week we had my (Will's) father Richard Rogers as a guest, and now we have my mother, Kathie Rogers. In this episode we learn a lot. A lot. So much that my mom asked if we could put a disclaimer at the top of the show. It's amazing. We delve into topics like dating, getting in trouble, and then we find out what mom was doing when she was Bobby's and my age. It's a great show!

So click here to listen from your browser!

Or get it on iTunes (click here), or find it on the free smartphone app Stitcher!

Also note that Bobby and I have our own Twitter handles now, so follow us and find us everywhere else online by going to our About Us section!

That's about it other than the fact that we just put a new installment of Will and Bobby Wrote Something online. This is Part Five of our ongoing narrative explaining all the various shows, comics, and movies that Bobby and I have come up with. This particular installment is pretty interesting as it's all about a time that Bobby and I faced a turning point in our writing, so check it out (click here to read) and let us know what you think of the podcast and the blog at

Thanks guys, episode 36 next week!

WBKE - Episode 31: Curses and Comedians

This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything we're joined by our good friend Mike Schin in a conversation that ranges from how Poltergeist is an awesome movie to how much open-mic nights suck. We also get an amazing horror story from Mike, Bobby tells some jokes, and we play one of the most engrossing, horrifying video games in recent memory: Slender.

Check this show out, guys, it's a fucking hoot:

Click here to listen from your browser!

Click here to go to the iTunes page, or just listen to the show on the free Apple/Android app Stitcher!

And remember to “like” our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter (@WillAndBobby), email with any comments or questions, and donate (if you want)!

In other news, Bobby and I are working hard on some fun new stuff! More info soon, hopefully!

Episode 32 next week!

WBKE - Episodes 29 and 30!

Hey guys, as promised, we have TWO episodes online for you this week! In addition to Episode 29: Social Ineptitude Part Two, Bobby and I have done a show centered around the movie The Dark Knight Rises! That show obviously contains spoilers for the movie, though, so because some of you may not have seen it yet, we made sure to have another show for you this week. And it's fucking good. They both are. Let me tell you about them: WBKE - Episode 29: Social Ineptitude Part Two

Picking up from last week, Bobby and I try to goad Erica (via Skype) to tell us as many weird stories as possible. It quickly devolves (or Evolves) into me basically shitting all over my old friends from high school. But don't worry, most of them deserve it. Assholes. It's possibly one of the best episodes we've ever done, and I'm a fucking fan of this show, so please check this out, regardless of whether or not your avoiding the Batman show:

Click here to listen! 

Click here to go to the iTunes page, or get it on the free app Stitcher (available on basically every smartphone).


WBKE - Episode 30: The Dark Knight Rises [SPOILERS]

In this episode, Bobby and I plow right through the movie. From beginning to end. It works as a review and a critique. We sound like a couple of Batman experts, and then we start talking about shit that makes us cry, like a couple of weak losers. Anyway, find out what we think of the way Batman's story ends, about the film's treatment of The Joker, and what we hated and loved about it. It's a really great show!

Click here to listen!

Click here to go to the iTunes page, or just get the show on Stitcher (an app for smartphones)

Anyway, I hope you guys like the shows we have this week. At worst, you have one show to listen to. At best, you have two! This means there's almost three hours of WBKE online this week!

And remember to “like” our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter (@WillAndBobby), email with any comments or questions, and donate (if you want)!

Episode 31 next week!

WBKE - Episode 28: Social Ineptitude Part One

This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, we have what became Part One of a long, weird conversation. Bobby's friend Erica joins us via Skype for an episode that covers so much ground, it's unbelievable. Gangs, racism, celebrities, and so much more. I swear to god I don't even remember talking about half this shit. It's awesome. Erica seems to be a bottomless pit of bizarre stories. She confuses me at every turn. Check this show out:

Click here to listen straight from your browser!

Click here to go to the iTunes page for the show!

Or search for us on the FREE Apple/Android/Blackberry app Stitcher.

Now next week, Bobby and I are going to have TWO new episodes of the show online at once! We'll have Part Two of this conversation, obviously, but we're also going to have a bonus OPTIONAL episode centered around The Dark Knight Rises, which will most likely contain spoilers for the movie. So only if you have seen the movie or don't care about spoilers should you listen to that show. Assuming that not everybody has, we'll have the regular show up. At best, you get two shows, at worst, you still get one.

And remember to “like” our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter (@WillAndBobby), email with any comments or questions, and donate (if you want)!

Thanks guys, Episodes 29 and 30 next week!

WBKE - Episode 26: The Snake: The Most Incredible Creature on this Planet

Welcome to the 26th episode of Will and Bobby Know Everything! It's not really an official landmark, but this episode represents six solid months of WBKE!

Kind of cool, right?

Anyway, we're joined this week by our buddy Peter to talk about:

Killer whales being assholes, freak shows, snakes, boobs, and strangely enough, we bring Goosebumps up again.

So as usual:

Click here to listen from your browser!

Click here to go to the iTunes page for the show!

Or search for us on the FREE Apple/Android/Blackberry app Stitcher.

Also Apple has released their own iPhone/iPad app specifically for podcasts, so go download it, subscribe to us, and rate us!

There are also a couple more fun things that Bobby and I have for you:

Last week I posted the Part Three of Will and Bobby Wrote Something, which ends the explanation of one show and begins another! Click here to read it!

And we did Will and Bobby Know Everything LIVE last week! It was weird, fun, and encouraging enough to make me want to do it again. We told some stories that aren't featured on the regular podcast, so click here to go watch it! You can even just leave it running in an alternate tab and listen to it, I guess!

We're also putting out an open call to get a third person to help us out! If you or a friend are interested (and capable of) helping Bobby and I get our recording equipment set up, edit the podcast, or have a fancy high tech camera, please get in touch with us at, because as of right now it's just the two of us and there are a lot of things we want to write, shoot, edit, and put online!

So remember to donate (if you want), "like" our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter (@WillAndBobby), and email with any comments or questions. And go check out my girlfriend Allie's Etsy Store Color Bloc, and Anthony Walker's Band Camp page.

Thanks guys, I hope you enjoy the show.

Episode 27 next week!

WBKE LIVE: June 2012

Last night Bobby and I recorded our very first live show! I think it went pretty well, but I'm an idiot, so take that with a grain of salt. It was a lot like the regular podcast, except instead of having a host, we basically rotated in a few different people for a little while each. It was fun.

I got to talk about death and yell at Bobby, so I'm pretty happy about it. I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who joined us for the show, and also a huge apology for anyone I may have been mean to, without realizing it.

Anyway, go check out the show by clicking on this link:

WBKE LIVE: June 2012

So that's that, thanks again everybody, I think Bobby and I are going to try to do something like this every once in a while. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please e-mail us at, and as always remember to follow us on Twitter (@WillAndBobby) and like our Facebook Page to get goofy updates and talk back to us about them.

Episode 25 of WBKE will be a new, different episode that Bobby and I recorded on the week I moved into my new apartment, and as such the audio is hazy, but deal with it, the show is fucking hilarious...And there's a special something we talk about that you guys can get involved in!

WBKE - Episode 24: Lady and the Tramp

This week on WBKE, we're joined by an amazing musician named Anthony Walker for a conversation that covers a startling amount of ground. This episode is about twice the length of an average episode of our show, because I honestly enjoy everything we talk about. As long as this episode is, there's still more that isn't making the cut! I just didn't want to clip another minute, so enjoy our discussion of: Shitty writing, philosophy, animal behavior, little people working as bouncers, forming bands, and The Poops (a band Bobby is/used to be in). We also play a fucking badass game toward the end of the show which I'm calling "Are You a Nice Person?" It's genius, so enjoy that, because it'll definitely be coming back.

So let me tell you about Anthony Walker. About 4 years ago, I was at a bar and there were different bands playing small sets. If you've listened to the show before, then you know that I (Will) am not the friendliest/nicest guy, and you can probably imagine that I don't pay much attention to people I don't know. Even still, I remember a guy playing a really awesome set. His music was really immersive. It totally grabbed my attention. Not long later, Anthony got a job with me at Fridays, and I instantly recognized him as the musician from the bar (which is also significant, because again, if you listen to the show, you know I have a fucking horrendous memory). He was that good.

For a good long time, on the odd occasion that I found myself hanging out and drinking at Fridays, I'd get fucking wasted (because everyone bought me drinks. It ruled), and inevitably Anthony and I would get around to drunkenly talking about how awesome it would be to have a combination music and comedy show.

Needless to say, I'm fucking stoked we had him on the show. So please go to his Band Camp page where you can set your own price for his music (Anthony says you can get it for free, but he's nicer than me. Pay him.), and go to his personal website where you can info about him and links to a shocking number of sites like YouTube and Tumblr: Anthony Walker.

So back to the show:

Click here to listen straight from your browser!

Click here to go to the iTunes page for the show!

Go search for "WBKE" on the FREE Apple/Android/Blackberry app Stitcher!

Or for more detailed instructions, click here!

Let me remind you that there is going to be a LIVE WBKE this thursday, June 28th at 8:30pm eastern, over at Vokle! Go check out the site and get comfortable with it (search "Will and Bobby Know Everything" and follow us), and like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (@WillAndBobby) to get an update about when we've gone live!

Also email us at will comments, suggestions, or questions for us to talk about! Remember that you can speak directly to us while we talk, too! It's a video chat so get your webcam going and bring something to the table! It'll be stupid and fun!

Enjoy this week's episode, I did!

Also, at the end, enjoy Anthony's song "Call Me Custer," from This City Never Sleeps, which has been stuck in my head all week.

Allie and I painted our apartment today, and we were both walking around singing that song, so good. Also "Sundowners."



WBKE - Episode 23: Travel

This week on WBKE, my girlfriend Allie is back on the show to talk about her experiences in travelling around the world. One of them is mind-blowingly amazing, and I guess the other one is too...It's just also incredibly fucked up.

On the show, we typically try to separate repeat-appearances of a guest host by about 10 episodes (unless we're doing a two-parter). That being the case, the last time Allie was on the show was for Episode 13, and coincidentally the day this new episode is going online happens to not only be the day that Allie and I are moving into our first apartment together, but also on her 25th birthday!


So in all likelihood, as you listen to this show, Allie and I are setting up our place (including an office that I'll use as a fancy little recording studio)!

Maybe you want to help make her day by checking out her Etsy Store: Color Bloc!

But anyway, listen to this episode, it's so goddamn funny. I'm absurdly proud of it:

Click here to listen from your browser!

Click here to go to the iTunes page for the show!

Or search for show on the FREE Apple/Android/Blackberry app Stitcher as well as on basically any podcast database (like Zune...if for some reason you have a Zune)

If you need more detailed instructions, click here!

And we're getting pretty damn close to the date of the live show, which is Thursday, June 28th at 8:30pm eastern on! Go to the site now and get comfortable with it! You can watch the live show without signing in at all, or you can create  a Vokle account or just log in via your Facebook or Twitter accounts! You'll be able to submit questions for us to answer (either as text or a live video) and talk back to us as we goof around!

So like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter (@WillAndBobby) to get updates about when we're live and feel free to send comments or questions to us at

We really enjoy doing this show,  so if you like us, please help us spread the word about the show! If we make you chuckle, tell a friend or two to check us out!

Regardless, enjoy the show!

Episode 24 next week!

WBKE - Episode 21: There's Something Wrong with Dan Aykroyd

This week on WBKE we're once again joined by Michael Palmer, but this time we're talking all about movies. It gave me a good excuse to freak out about geeky shit. Right off the bat, though, we start talking about one of my favorite fucking weird franchises: Ghostbusters.

Check the show out, and let us know what you thing here or by emailing! You should also like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter (@WillAndBobby)!

Also, just a reminder that Bobby and I are doing a live WBKE on Thursday, June 28th at 8:30pm eastern time! It's going to be on! We ran a dry run a few days ago, and it's incredible. You don't have to create an account if you don't want to, I'll post the link on our Facebook and Twitter accounts once we go live (so it's important that you like/follow us) and you can either sit and watch, or create a Vokle account for free to submit text or LIVE VIDEO questions to us! You can sit at home, and ask a question face-to-face with us! I'll put up a full post here with how to do it eventually, but it's shockingly fucking easy. You can even log in via Facebook and Twitter. It's awesome, and we have stupid shit planned.

Anyway, back to this weeks WBKE:

Click here to listen from your computer!

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Or search "WBKE" on the free Apple/Android/Blackberry app Stitcher!

Episode 22 next week!

WBKE - Episode 20: Sports

Suit up, sports-fans, this week Bobby and I are joined by Michael Palmer to talk about the old pig-skin, hockey pucks, baseballs, and Air Bud! We try to come up with new rules for all major sports, we discuss the afterlife for some reason, and we also have a brand new segment from my sister Kristen, which we're calling Voice of the Nation with Kristen Rogers! It goes really well. Really well. Really well.

Anyway, here's some important information: Bobby and I are planning a LIVE SHOW!

On Thursday, June 28th, log on to at 8:00pm eastern time to watch us do a live show, taking real questions, from real listeners! Be one of them! You don't need to create an account, and you can log in via Facebook, so there's really no excuse for not being there. You'll also get to see the inside of my new apartment (this is Will), and maybe also see my girlfriend yell at me for embarrassing myself! Seriously, check that out, it'll be fun, it'll be like you're in the room with us!

Anyway, back to this weeks WBKE:

Click here to listen from your browser!

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Find us on the free Apple/Android/Blackberry app Stitcher!

Or click here for insanely detailed instructions for how to hear us!

No matter what, enjoy the show, tell your friends!

Now go like our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter (@WillAndBobby), and email comments or questions (for the live show, too!) to us at!

Episode 21 next week!

WBKE - Episode 19: The Madness of Dr. Tanzler

This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything we're joined by our buddy Cooper as we discuss magic, music, and madness. That's right.

We're talking about Penn & Teller!

We're talking about Michael Jackson!

And then we delve into the horror, the weirdness, and the madness of Dr. Carl Tanzler!

I can't warn you guys strongly enough that the story of Dr. Tanzler is not for the easily disturbed, the feint of heart, or anybody with a weak stomach. It's truly bizarre and disgusting. More than that, it's a true story! Seriously: here's the Wikipedia article, complete with pictures!

Anyway, enjoy the show and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments!

Click here to listen from your browser!

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Or search for the show on the Apple/Android/Blackberry app Stitcher!

For more detailed instructions, click here!

Anyway, please e-mail us at with comments/questions/requests to host, check us out on Facebook (and click the "Like" button!) and follow us on Twitter: @WillAndBobby!

More than that, enjoy the show and spread the word!

Episode 20 (and news of our upcoming LIVE EPISODE) coming next week!