Will and Bobby Wrote Something: Part Two

To go back to Part One: click here! How incredible is it that the name we came up with for our zombie TV show sounds like a weird bitter retort to "The Walking Dead?"

The Dead Don't Walk.

How amazing is that?

"'The Walking Dead,' huh? You know... the dead don't walk. Morons."

As stupid and crazy as all this sounds, I still 100% stand by The Dead Don't Walk. I love the name, I love the concept, and I love our version of zombies.

Being a fan of horror films, I'm familiar with a lot of different versions of zombies. Without a doubt, the most well known and accepted versions of zombies are the ones from Night of the Living Dead. Prior to that, zombies weren't shambling cannibal corpses, but were rather sort of mindless voodoo victims, carrying out someone's orders.

George Romero (the writer/director) somehow redefined the word "zombie" for all time. There have been other revisions, however.

From the Return of the Dead (separate franchise) series, we get the "braaaaaiiiins" zombies, from the 28 Days/Weeks Later franchise we get the "not-a-zombie" Rage Virus victims, and there are countless examples of running, screaming, plotting, talking zombies.

There's no denying that you can't improve upon the original Romero zombies. They're too perfect. They're like the iPad. Apple somehow figured out the formula for a perfect tablet. It feels right and competitors are still playing catch-up.

Romero's zombies feel right.

Bobby and I decided right away, without any discussion on the matter, that the original Romero zombies were what people wanted to see. The shuffling, mindless, hungry, angry reanimated corpses of loved ones.

We did, however, realize that to just take those zombies and build a show around them, while cool, is not ours. That's not our idea. That's just plucking characters out of one situation and putting them in another. Alternatively, that's Bobby and me grabbing a 2 hour movie by it's beginning and ending, and stretching it into a 13 episode TV show.

Bobby and I created a version of zombies similar to the Romero's, but we added the potential for an explanation. We added new weaknesses, and also new strengths.

The treatment we cooked up for The Dead Don't Walk is interesting, but it's also overlong and a little batshit, so just read this portion of it (I'll post the full thing at the end, for those curious), where we explain what our zombies are (notice that you can zoom in or click the arrow to help when reading):

[googleapps domain="docs" dir="viewer" query="authuser=0&srcid=0B2p79ET8UqLkWmJhMHBqakwxc00&pid=explorer&a=v&chrome=false&embedded=true" width="680" height="400" /]

It's a little clumsily written (get used to that), but the facts are great:

They're blind. The survivors learn to take advantage of that weakness. The monsters can still sense light (like you can even when your eyes are closed), but because of that blindness, their other senses are hightened. Every sound could be the signal that gives you away. They can smell you enter a room. If you're careful enough, you can travel right through a street filled with them. The Dead Don't Walk would have been filled with moments of quiet tension. Uncertainty. We'd get face-to-face with our monsters.

Enough of this, I've definitely made my point. The Dead Don't Walk was an interesting show that we came up with way to late (and again, no one knows who we are), and clearly I still love it. Maybe you'll like it, too, and so without further delay, here's a brief script Bobby and I wrote. The only character from this story that would appear in the final show is Gray, who you can learn a little more about in the full treatment I'll post a link to at the end of this post. It's not a full episode, it's just a little 15 minute story that establishes the world and the tone. I hope you enjoy it:!20839&authkey=!AI3kJGu_E_Ij5Zc&ithint=file%2cpdf

There you have it. "The Alley." In case you didn't realize why Gray (I might hate this name now) didn't help them at the end, he was afraid that the sound of his gun would give him away to that third group of monsters. Already being exposed under that street light, he couldn't risk it. I'm not sure if we made that clear, though it makes perfect sense. Anyway, as I said, here's a link to the full treatment, where you can learn a little more about him and a whole lot about people that you'll never get to see:

Thanks for reading, guys, I hope you enjoyed. I'm really pretty excited that we can sort of put these old scripts to some use. They've just been sitting on a hard drive, and in the back of my mind, for a long time. Please feel free to comment or email us with your thoughts of not only The Dead Don't Walk, but also this whole Will and Bobby Wrote Something endeavor. You can get us at Also feel free to follow us on Twitter (@WillAndBobby) and like us on Facebook.

Next week we're going to wrap up The Dead Don't Walk. There's one last script (a companion piece to "The Alley"), and maybe I'll give some more info about where the plot of the show would have gone. Maybe.

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