BCSC 61: The Night Circus Part 1



This week on #BCSC, we dismantle Erin Morgenstern's hit novel The Night Circus, before getting our broadcast hijacked by some sort of secret cult let by one of the guys from Dawson's Creek!

This is all kind of/sort of true. ish...

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BCSC 47: The Silkworm Part 1


This week on #BCSC we're diving into the second Cormoran Strike novel! Written by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling), The Silkworm follows The Cuckoo's Calling almost directly. Cormoran Strike has enjoyed (to an extent) a brief period of fame, and his detective business is booming! But now he's taken a new case: searching for a controversial book writer who has gone missing. This, along with increasing personal and professional tensions with his assistant Robin, have Cormoran Strike in some deep doodoo indeed!

Is it obvious I couldn't think of a good way to end that last sentence?

Anyway, just like Cormoran Strike, the Rogers kids are on the case! We read the first half, and we're hear to point out all the clues! I'm sure we didn't miss a thing!

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WBKE 129:


This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, we're taking off the propeller beanies we always wear when we record (you knew that, right?), and putting on little Sherlock Holmes hats! That's right, it's time for us to get to the bottom of a crime! But we really don't like the first rock we turned over...

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We're going to be looking for a comic artist soon, and we'd prefer to shop from our listener base before looking elsewhere! Anyone interested in working with us should send a sample of artwork to us at!

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Episode 130 next week!

BCSC: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Part 1


Hello you lovely Shmooks! We're back in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, talking all about the Half Blood Prince! No surprise here, but we're both incredibly excited to talk about the mysteries, the revelations, and the weird stuff going on in this book, so put on a pointed hat, grab a butterbeer and enjoy!

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See you next week!

BCSC: Watchmen Part 2


Hey you nutballs!  This week we're wrapping up our talk about Watchmen by Alan Moore, and it's a doozy of a little story with twists, turns, more pirate ships than we expected and, frankly, exactly the amount of blue butts we expected.  Jump aboard!

And get ready for our next meeting (not counting our extracurricular next week) in 2 weeks on Thursday, July 24 to talk about the first half of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!  So read up through Chapter 15.  See you then, gang!

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See you next week!

BCSC: Watchmen Part 1


Hello!  We're back and ready to rumble this week and we're talking about the first half of the big deal graphic novel Watchmen, by Alan Moore.  We've got Bobby Koester from Will and Bobby Know Everything and Studio Rejects in tow and we're talking how awesome Dr. Manhattan is, how we were surprised by Rorschach, aaaaand crop tops.  Come on!

We'll be back next week with an extracurricular episode, but be ready in another 2 weeks to talk about the end of the book- read right on through.  We're all gonna be back on Thursday, July 10 to talk about it.  See you then!

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See you next week!

WBKE 121: The Mystery of Elisa Lam


On WBKE this week we hear the amazing manly story of a wild woodland Bobby before cracking the case of Elisa Lam...and holy shit it's terrifying. No joke. Can't believe it. 

Please look at your water before you drink it...

If you must see what we're talking's your own fault:

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Episode 122 next week!

WBKE - Episode 73: Case Crackers

Hello, old friends, and welcome to Episode 73 of Will and Bobby Know Everything! This week we were left high and dry, but guess what, we're geniuses, so we still put together a show that makes everything else in the galaxy look and smell like garbage! Listen as Bobby and I solve murders, become master detectives, and even prank call an Arby's! So:

And then reach out, buddies! Let use know what you think! You can find us all over the internet, including YouTube, where we will be posting all new content!:

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Episode 74 next week!

Will and Bobby Wrote Something: Part Three

Click here to start Will and Bobby Wrote Something from the beginning!

As I mentioned, Bobby and I wrote a second script for The Dead Don't Walk, which is a prequel of sorts to "The Alley," which I posted last month.

We decided at some point that we should probably show an alternate story, which would set up the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, or at least show what happened to a particular group of people when it all started. Matt Battaglia (our artist) sat down with Bobby and myself and together the three of us tried to hatch out a story.

Ultimately we ended up with the idea of office workers having a party when everything goes to hell. I'm just going to jump right into it.

Click here to read the second script for The Dead Don't Walk, titled "The Office."

With this script, we end our explanation of The Dead Don't Walk where we began. At the end of this script we create the image of Gray sitting at the base of the tree, which I posted back in Part One . That image also functions as Gray's starting point before the events that occur in "The Alley," and further show his stoic, world-weary attitude when surrounded by chaos (we also end with a president named "Jeremy Button," for some reason. Stupid).

Just to summarize this project: I love The Dead Don't Walk. I wish we hadn't accidentally ripped off The Walking Dead, and I wish that Bobby and I had just gone ahead with our plans to pitch that show.

It'll remain locked up in a vault for the time being, though, or rather it'll remain posted publicly online until the day that we decide to bring it back. Who knows, it's not impossible.

So that ends The Dead Don't Walk, and now we move on to the third show that Bobby and I ever created.

It is by far the most out-there concept we've ever come up with.

Here's the story of the show Edinburg Falls.

Knowing that we couldn't use The Dead Don't Walk as a show to backup our comedy series, Bobby and I had to come up with something new. We still didn't want to create a second comedy show, and our attempt at horror failed, so we landed on an idea for a mystery series.

We decided at first to feature a writer as our main character, who, at the urging of his editor, goes away to the small mid-west town of Edinburg in an effort to creatively recharge himself.

Bobby and I had long conversations about what should be wrong with the town. At one point ghosts were involved, at another point a murderer was at large, and then ultimately we landed on a genius (I'm serious) idea: Edinburg would be the origination point for American folklore.

Bobby and I went online and studied every kind of American monster we could. At first we assumed we'd find a lot of monsters like Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, and the Bogeyman, but mostly all we found were interesting creatures with laughably bad names, like the Squonk.

Regardless, we found enough intriguing monsters to make it worth our while, so we started writing. We created a first episode where our hero, terrified by prophetic visions brought on by monsters, tries to leave. As he reaches the towns limit, a wall of stone appears to rise from the ground, locking the town of Edinburg away from the rest of the world.

Bobby and I laid out a general concept that would take us through five seasons of Edinburg Falls. We explained where the monsters came from, we explained what happens to our characters, and most importantly, we explained the flabbergastingly dumb reason why the wall of stone appeared.

I'll leave the full treatment until next month (which pretty much lays out the entire show), but until then, take a look at this drawing I made of the town, and see if you can find the horrible explanation for the town's isolation (and also read a little bit of insane background):

Click here to view the Edinburg Falls town diagram.

That's right, a wall of stone didn't rise out of the ground, the entire town sank into the ground, because (seriously, we wrote this), the town of Edinburg is resting on the head of a giant screw.

More about Edinburg Falls over in Part Four! Click here! Or take a quick detour by checking out spec script we wrote for Arrested Development in Part Three.Five!