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Studio Rejects 135: The Matrix 4 Part 2


Studio Rejects is back and we're jacking into The Matrix with PD Wood's awesome fan script Matrix Resurrected!

This week it's only gotten wackier! But Bobby and I have trained for this episode by watching the whole trilogy! We're kings of continuity! Warriors of shit that doesn't matter!

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Studio Rejects 102: Jurassic WORLD & Jurassic Park 4 Part 3



This week on #StudioRejects, we have something GIGANTIC and WONDROUS to show you, and it's NOT a dinosaur. It's the show itself!

I don't know how to describe this week's show other than to say it's essentially THREE PODCASTS IN ONE!

We wanted to have a no-holds barred conversation about the movie, but we also wanted to make sure that people avoiding info about all the twists and turns in the film can enjoy a show about the movie. And you will. And of course, we have a script to read...

This show actually demands a table of contents.

Beginning: SPOILER FREE Jurassic World Talk

1 Hour, 8 minutes, 30 seconds in: classic Studio Rejects appears with crazy voices as we read Part 3 of Jurassic Park 4. The failed one from 2004, remember?

2 hours, 14 minutes in: HEAVY spoilers for Jurassic World! All the references, easter eggs, twists, and theories we can muster!

This show is for you, and holy shit is there a lot. Pace yourself and enjoy what is almost literally a month's worth of #StudioRejects all in one episode.

For the love of god, tell your friends, your family, your enemies, and animals about this show.

But most importantly: ENJOY hearing about dinosaurs, horror, science fiction, CHRIS PRATT, raptors, and...INDOMINOUS REX!

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BCSC: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Part 2



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See you next week!

Dark Future: Episode 3 - Bobsworlde With An E

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Hey all you Bobsworlde citizens! I'd like to personally thank all you Koester's Foesters out there for contributing to the Patreon. Thanks to you, we here at Bobsworlde magazine are able to provide you with another episode this month. Something truly special is happening on the internet, and it is a very... peculiar thing.

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BCSC: Watchmen Part 2


Hey you nutballs!  This week we're wrapping up our talk about Watchmen by Alan Moore, and it's a doozy of a little story with twists, turns, more pirate ships than we expected and, frankly, exactly the amount of blue butts we expected.  Jump aboard!

And get ready for our next meeting (not counting our extracurricular next week) in 2 weeks on Thursday, July 24 to talk about the first half of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!  So read up through Chapter 15.  See you then, gang!

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Dark Future - Episode 2: Murray's Big Adventure


Hello, humans! Dark Future is back after a little accidental hiatus! On this week's episode, an ancient angel visits us from heaven to answer our worldly questions. Can we get past our own egos to learn from his vision? What type of soup does he like?  

Find out that and more right... now!

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Studio Rejects: Ghostbusters III Part 4 - THE END


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After a week of rest and relaxation, Bobby and I are sliding down the firepoles again to bring you the grand finale of Ghostbusters III! Things are worse than ever, both in terms of the plot and the script itself, which is why we've made an executive decision.

This ends tonight.

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Next week, something way goddamn better than this!

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WBKE 119: Star Baby


This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, we examine the new digital version of number stations before receiving a horrific news update from Wolf Blitzer. Or maybe Anderson Cooper. Not sure...anyway, there are aliens, and Bobby doesn't seem too concerned with what happens to Will.

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Episode 120 next week!

BCSC: Stephen King is God


This week on our Extracurriculars episode we're talking about when narrators insert themselves into the story- particularly when a narrator we're all too familiar with inserted himself into a story we would have been familiar with had we not dropped it like a hot potato.  Take a listen!

And we'll be back next Thursday, May 15 to talk about the first 13 chapters (up to page 297 or 32% on an e-reader) of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, so get moving on that if you haven't already.  See ya then, gang!

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Studio Rejects: I, Robot Part One

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This week on Studio Rejects, we are starting up a brand new movie, one chosen specifically because it follows the themes established by our BRAND NEW NETWORK: WB2045!! I, Robot, starring the amazing Will Smith, king of mediocre science fiction films (actually, I think people generally liked Men in Black, and they definitely loved Wild Wild West...).

I, Robot is a story based on a book which is one of the most revered and beloved science fiction books ever written, imagining a world where robots are common servants, and the ethics and possibilities that opens up. They made that into a goofball action movie sponsored by fucking Hush Puppies and Slurpies. ENJOY!

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Part Two next week!

BCSC: Life After Life Part 2

BCSC Banner

BCSC is BACK with the final half of Life After Life. THIS EPISODE FUCKING MADE ME ACTUALLY BURST OUT LAUGHING! And it jump-started by brain this morning. Get listening!

WBKE - Episode 42: JOIN OUR CULT

Kaboom everybody! This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, I (Will) instantly start telling Bobby something that I knew he'd hate. Turns out I was absolutely right. We very quickly segue into a conversation about what distopian future we're most likely heading for, and play with the rules of time travel! Bobby also invents a new sport, and I absolutely believe it's going to be the next big thing. Fucking so stupid.

Anyway, listen closely to hear the rules for this week's contest! Whoever sends in the most creative explanation for a sound Bobby is making will win an ACTUAL PRIZE! Just send your answer to us at!

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Remember, we're also looking for people to send in scary stories for a Halloween episode, so please help us out by asking your family and friends if they've ever seen a ghost or experienced anything that chilled them to the bone!

Thanks guys, and enjoy the show!

Episode 43 next week!