BCSC: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Part 1


Wotcher, friends!  This week we're talking about the first third of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and it looks like things are off to a pretty bumpy start for Harry and the gang.  We get into some Molly vs. Sirius talk, a little book vs. movie action, and as always, Kristen vs. William in a battle of wits that'll leave you breathless.  Jump on in!

We'll be reading the next third of the book, which bring us up to Chapter 26, which is page 570 or 64%, and talking about it in 2 weeks on Thursday, May 29.  Don't worry though, we'll be back to warm your ears up next week with a little Extracurricular action.  Talk to you then!

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WBKE 118: Ted Bundy-gas!


This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, we need some help putting a couch in the back of our van. And then we're going to murder you.

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Episode 119 next week!

WBKE 114: Oh No, It's Stan


This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, Will and Bobby discuss the world's most discovered Detroit bad boy, Eminem himself. They hold their noses and dive into such masterpieces as "Stan" and "Bad Guy." They also discover a new idol, and begin the trip down the rabbit hole of Stan-dom...

And for a nifty palate-cleanser, check out the sweet beats of CMYK!

#babaAllie #whoisCoogan

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Episode 115 next week!

WBKE 112: Joel Osteen Loves Lunch


On this week's heretical WBKE, Will and Bobby talk to official show doctor Matt Van Auken about nerd stuff, and then they get to the business of debunking a true Southern Gentleman / Evangelist Preacher / Stranger Danger, Joel Osteen.

#babaAllie #whoisCoogan #hellyeah #ohhellyeah #hellyeahruffio #AnusAura

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Episode 113 next week!  Woooo!

Introducing Book Club Shmook Club! A Brand New Podcast!

Hey everybody, it's me, Will, and I'm pumped to tell you that I'm featured on a brand new podcast hosted by one of my favorite WBKE guests of all time. Also one of my favorite people. Also my sister: Kristen Rogers! Book Club Shmook Club Logo

Book Club Shmook Club is somewhat what it sounds like, we'll be picking a book to read, chopping it into bits, and then discussing each bit every other Thursday!

We recorded an introduction to the show, so since I'm already explaining too much, how about I stop typing and you start listening?!

Click here for a taste of Book Club Shmook Club!

Pretty great, right? As you heard, the first book we're reading is Doctor Sleep, Stephen King's sequel to The Shining! We'll be kicking off the show proper with the first 10 chapters (that's about 54% for you e-bookers), on Thursday, November 14th, so you've got some time to grab a copy and read along.

We're going to be having a damn good time on this show, so I highly advise that you start reading, we're going to have a lot to say, and we're going to want to hear what you think, as well!

Follow us on Twitter and Email us your thoughts!

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WBKE - Episode 42: JOIN OUR CULT

Kaboom everybody! This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, I (Will) instantly start telling Bobby something that I knew he'd hate. Turns out I was absolutely right. We very quickly segue into a conversation about what distopian future we're most likely heading for, and play with the rules of time travel! Bobby also invents a new sport, and I absolutely believe it's going to be the next big thing. Fucking so stupid.

Anyway, listen closely to hear the rules for this week's contest! Whoever sends in the most creative explanation for a sound Bobby is making will win an ACTUAL PRIZE! Just send your answer to us at!

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Remember, we're also looking for people to send in scary stories for a Halloween episode, so please help us out by asking your family and friends if they've ever seen a ghost or experienced anything that chilled them to the bone!

Thanks guys, and enjoy the show!

Episode 43 next week!

WBKE - Episode 36: Writing

This week on WBKE, Bobby and I are joined again by my girlfriend, Allie, and we have a conversation about writing, a topic all three of us have particular opinions of. We read about 50 Shades of Grey, get philosophical about the concept of freedom, and then Allie tells us about her experiences writing for a summer theater program with one of the slimiest pieces of shit we've ever met! It's fucked up and hilarious. Also, Bobby suggests a new theme song for the show... Click here to listen, or get it on iTunes or the Stitcher app for smartphones!

Also, make sure you check out our new YouTube show Car Friends, which we'll be putting online every Wednesday! And when you  watch it, make sure you subscribe to the channel!

We also have a new entry of Will and Bobby Wrote Something, which I'm pretty proud of. Click here to read it!

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Episode 37 next week!

WBKE - Episode 35: When I Was Your Age Part Two

Hey guys, welcome to Part Two of When I Was Your Age. Last week we had my (Will's) father Richard Rogers as a guest, and now we have my mother, Kathie Rogers. In this episode we learn a lot. A lot. So much that my mom asked if we could put a disclaimer at the top of the show. It's amazing. We delve into topics like dating, getting in trouble, and then we find out what mom was doing when she was Bobby's and my age. It's a great show!

So click here to listen from your browser!

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That's about it other than the fact that we just put a new installment of Will and Bobby Wrote Something online. This is Part Five of our ongoing narrative explaining all the various shows, comics, and movies that Bobby and I have come up with. This particular installment is pretty interesting as it's all about a time that Bobby and I faced a turning point in our writing, so check it out (click here to read) and let us know what you think of the podcast and the blog at

Thanks guys, episode 36 next week!

WBKE - Episode 34: When I Was Your Age - Part One

Hey guys, this week we're rejoined by my (Will's) dad, Richard Rogers, for a discussion about his childhood. We find out where he grew up,  when he grew up, and who he grew up with. The story involves discussions of racism (listener discretion advised), religions, and an absurdly unfortunate frog. Listen to it, it's awesome. Also, listen to the first show my dad was one, or re-listen...Either way, you'll love it: WBKE - Episode 15:  How I Lived My Life by Lying and Fighting. SO ANYWAY:

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When I Was Your Age - Part Two next week!

WBKE LIVE: June 2012

Last night Bobby and I recorded our very first live show! I think it went pretty well, but I'm an idiot, so take that with a grain of salt. It was a lot like the regular podcast, except instead of having a host, we basically rotated in a few different people for a little while each. It was fun.

I got to talk about death and yell at Bobby, so I'm pretty happy about it. I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who joined us for the show, and also a huge apology for anyone I may have been mean to, without realizing it.

Anyway, go check out the show by clicking on this link:

WBKE LIVE: June 2012

So that's that, thanks again everybody, I think Bobby and I are going to try to do something like this every once in a while. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please e-mail us at, and as always remember to follow us on Twitter (@WillAndBobby) and like our Facebook Page to get goofy updates and talk back to us about them.

Episode 25 of WBKE will be a new, different episode that Bobby and I recorded on the week I moved into my new apartment, and as such the audio is hazy, but deal with it, the show is fucking hilarious...And there's a special something we talk about that you guys can get involved in!

A Few Updates

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Alright, that's that, but I think those are pretty damn good additions.