WBKE - Episode 41: Fetish Jade

Hey guys, welcome to a very special (VERY NSFW) episode of Will and Bobby Know Everything. Right off the bat, you'll hear Bobby and me giving you this disclaimer: This show sounds like shit (but no show will ever sound this bad again thanks to some new equipment we got), and this is the first show to our knowledge where the guest host seems to be genuinely annoyed by us. We debated all week whether or not to put this episode online, because there are quite a few moments where things get a little tense, but the fact of the matter is that our guests were perfectly friendly and interesting the clear majority of the time, and the tension itself is worth listening to. All in all, it's a rough conversation, but I think it's a great show!

So a huge thanks to our hosts Fetish Jade and Sophie, who I hope understand that my disclaimer is intended to give hopefully objective context for the conversation, and who I hope know we mean no harm! You can find them at FetishJade.com!

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Enjoy the show!

Episode 42 next week!

WBKE: Episode 25: Fetishes and Comic Books

This week on WBKE, Bobby and I have a good long discussion of weird fetish videos that are allowed on YouTube because, technically speaking, they're not porn, and then we freak out about Superman and Batman for a while! It's a goddamn good show, so check it out and tell your friends!

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Episode 26 next week!