the hunger games

WBKE 106: The Bobby Games


WELCOME BACK WBeeKEepers! We've returned, and we've brought good old Krissy Rogers along with us for the ride! Listen in wonder as old grandpa Bobby tells us the story of the Hunger Games, and the legendary monster known as Cake-Face!

This week's prize? Why, it's only the 1989 Tim Burton classic, CHINESE BATMAN!

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WBKE - Episode 13: Racists, Morons, and Chevy Chase

Hey guys, this week on Will and Bobby Know Everything we're doing something a little different! In this episode we're joined by Allie (my girlfriend) in a conversation about whatever comes to mind, which means we're talking about how it's currently a great time to be a racist, about how SNL sucks now, and then we chastise people on Facebook for posting one of the dumbest things ever!

It's a really fun episode, and it's the first time we're posting an episode just days after recording it, so listen, and feel free to comment on the things we discuss!

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