BCSC: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Part 1


Hello you lovely Shmooks! We're back in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, talking all about the Half Blood Prince! No surprise here, but we're both incredibly excited to talk about the mysteries, the revelations, and the weird stuff going on in this book, so put on a pointed hat, grab a butterbeer and enjoy!

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See you next week!

BCSC: Watchmen Part 2


Hey you nutballs!  This week we're wrapping up our talk about Watchmen by Alan Moore, and it's a doozy of a little story with twists, turns, more pirate ships than we expected and, frankly, exactly the amount of blue butts we expected.  Jump aboard!

And get ready for our next meeting (not counting our extracurricular next week) in 2 weeks on Thursday, July 24 to talk about the first half of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!  So read up through Chapter 15.  See you then, gang!

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See you next week!

WBKE 125: Conspiracy Nutz Part 2


Picking up where we left off last week, this week on WBKE it's a full on Illuminati-fest! Featuring reptiles! And a definitely deluded, possibly dosed Kat Williams explaining why he's got a target on his back. It's a weird one, gang!

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Episode 126 next week!

WBKE 123: A Beautiful Bobby


This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, we're joined by #BabaAllie for what is honestly ALMOST a truly intelligent conversation. From schizophrenia to robotics, to mathematics, and possibly magic, we get SMART this time! Also we talk a shit load about tearing Bobby's eyes out!

And Batman!

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Episode 124 next week!

BCSC: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Part 3


Go back to Part 1 or Part 2!

Welcome to our talk finishing up Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  While we're happy to see you, it can't be ignored that this time we meet this time after the most solemn of events.  Let's pour out a little pumpkin juice for one of our fallen comrades.  Let's also freak out about how awesome Dumbledore is.  Let's also talk about how there's no such thing as a guilty pleasure and how I love watching crap tv.  Amen.

On the next Shmook Club we're going to invite our friend Bobby Koester back to the Shmook Clubhouse to talk about the first half of Watchmen by Alan Moore, so read up to Chapter 7 (meaning through Chapter 6, WILL) and be ready to talk about it on Thursday, June 26.  But we'll be back next week with an Extracurricular episode, so talk to you then!  Take 'er easy!


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See you next week!

WBKE 119: Star Baby


This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, we examine the new digital version of number stations before receiving a horrific news update from Wolf Blitzer. Or maybe Anderson Cooper. Not sure...anyway, there are aliens, and Bobby doesn't seem too concerned with what happens to Will.

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Episode 120 next week!

WBKE - Episode 42: JOIN OUR CULT

Kaboom everybody! This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, I (Will) instantly start telling Bobby something that I knew he'd hate. Turns out I was absolutely right. We very quickly segue into a conversation about what distopian future we're most likely heading for, and play with the rules of time travel! Bobby also invents a new sport, and I absolutely believe it's going to be the next big thing. Fucking so stupid.

Anyway, listen closely to hear the rules for this week's contest! Whoever sends in the most creative explanation for a sound Bobby is making will win an ACTUAL PRIZE! Just send your answer to us at!

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Episode 43 next week!

WBKE - Episode 38: Will and Bobby's Bogus Journey

Booya, everybody! Welcome to this week's WBKE where we're joined once again by Tommy Becker (who last hosted Episode 2!)! This week we're talking about the devil, ghosts, and whether or not I'm going to hell! It's a deep, interesting, goofy conversation, so you'll have to weigh in with your thoughts on the topic!


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Episode 39 next week!

Will and Bobby Wrote Something: Part Four

Click here to start back at Part One!

Back in Part Three of Will and Bobby Wrote Something, I started explaining another show Bobby and I came up with, called Edinburg Falls.

I ended Part Three with the stunning (and unbelievably stupid) revelation that the town of Edinburg is sinking into the ground because it's built on the head of a gigantic screw.

Seriously. We came up with that idea.

It seems like the kind of idea you see on a sitcom where two morons are writing a TV show. They honestly think that what they've come up with is brilliant and clever. Bobby and I very seriously thought this was a smart idea. At least it's unique. As stupid as it is, there's still a part of me that thinks aspects of it are kind of cool. For instance, as the town sinks, it also spins (obviously), though our characters wouldn't have learned that for a season or two.

As the city sinks, it reveals caverns within the surrounding walls. Somehow the town is settled what looks like a mile up in a mountain. Stupid.

I don't think we ever 100% decided what would be in the caverns, but our ideas ranged from rooms full of the fossils of legendary monsters, to secret control rooms manned by megalomaniacs in charge of the screw. Overall, I know the concept of the show is laughably ridiculous, but there's something about this show that still captures my imagination.

Maybe it's a concept that just hasn't taken it's final form yet. In my super-limited experience with writing, I've always found that there's no such thing as a final draft. Even with the comedy Bobby and I started with, which I love with every cell in my brain, there are little things here or there that can be changed. As a writer, every time you read your own work, you find something cringe-worthy. There are huge problems with Edinburg Falls, but I have to believe that there is still an honest core to it. The basic idea of the show still grabs me:

A hack writer goes away to a small secluded town in the hopes of finding his integrity. The town is filled with a million mysteries and may serve as the birthplace of all the world's nightmares.

I love it still.

Now let me reveal to you a little more of what we wrote. Let me tell you what's at stake...It's worse than the screw thing.

You see, not only is the town of Edinburg resting on the head of a gigantic screw (which turns once a year), but when that screw taps into the Earth's core... volcanoes erupt around the globe.

I'm serious.

That was our idea.

Leave me alone.

Read the treatment and mock us if you must, but I swear to god there's something I love about this:

Edinburg Falls - Treatment

Thanks for reading guys, next month I'm going to wrap up the story of Edinburg Falls by posting the outline Bobby and I wrote for a possible pilot episode. It's a doozy. I'll also start explaining the next TV show we came up with, which is so completely amazing I can't wait to write about it. I'm not being sarcastic. It makes up for the mess that is Edinburg Falls.

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Breitbart Died and then Awesome Stuff Happened

FIRST: I'm not saying it's awesome that he died, I'm saying the  response to his death is kind of awesome. Gawker just posted this article, in which they show all the tweets from people who think that Andrew Breitbart's death was NOT of natural causes. I highly suggest reading this for both the entertainment value and the sense of horror you get at how crazy people are/how poorly they think/write:

Breitbart's Death: The Conspiracy Insta-Theories

My first reaction was "Holy shit, these people are crazy," which became "Holy shit, this is awesome," which finally evolved into "Holy shit, I don't care about this at all, but how awesome would it be if Obama DID kill Breitbart!?"

Obviously there's shit the government doesn't tell us, but I highly doubt they're trying to silence this guy from revealing some of Obama's "colledge 'issues.'" (I'm intentionally misspelling "college" here, by the way, check the Gawker article)

First of all, if Andrew Breitbart had stumbled across some massive secret that was big enough for Obama to want him dead, then I'm sure he had the foresight to make sure someone else ALSO had the info.

Just think about how many cliché stories there are about a guy who has info no one else does, and being killed for it. It's such a common idea. There's no way anybody who stumbles across a major hidden truth doesn't back up the info one million different ways.

Goofy conspiracy theories aren't true.

I just think it'd be awesome if they were true, the same way I wish ghosts were real.