We here at the WB2045 Podcast Network have had the distinct pleasure to appear on numerous podcasts. Spreading our influence, and having a damn good time while we do it! Please check out the shows below, and subscribe to them while you're at it!

If  you'd like a member of WB2045 to guest on your project, let us know! Email us at WillAndBobby@gmail.com


Pod Awful is imagination terrorism that broadcasts LIVE every Sunday at 8pm EST! Host Jesse P-S and his comedy co-hosts get too personal and f**k up everyone's feelings. Jesse has been arrested LIVE on the show. He was investigated by the secret service. His girlfriend called into the show to break up with him on air. Its all real, and its all f*****g nuts. It's not a show ABOUT comedy, it's funny people actually BEING funny! Part of the Pod Awful Channel, a podcast network.

Episode 507: Breakdown w/ Will and Bobby 

(Will and Bobby join Jesse PS and destory a laptop with their bare hands. And a screwdriver.)

Episode 510: The Will and Bobby Years 

(In Jesse PS' absence, Will and Bobby host an episode of Podawful!)

Episode 609: Dan Aykroyd is a Pervert w/ Will & Bobby 

(Will and Bobby join host Jesse PS to talk about how the voice of Mario is a maniac)

SUPER FREESTYLE BROS. w/ Will & Bobby - Ep. 709

(WILL AND BOBBY are here! A great conversation about the insanity of the Super Mario games kicks off the show, we then prank call a psychic and a painter who left his flier in Jesse’s mailbox. We go over Tristan Starchild’s new talk show and it all ends in an AMAZING freestyle rap battle!)


Podcast by RaffTV

Episode 5 

Will and Bobby talk about New Jersey, and spoons (I think?)

Episode 9

Will and Bobby join the RaffCast guys to talk about the birth of WB2045!



The #1 podcast about podcasts. The Jakes distill the best of the previous week's podcasts for Zac, pulling from favorites like WTF, Comedy Bang Bang, Nerdist, and more. Guest comedians and musicians join in studio to play along.

Episode 12 - Jason Ure, Joe Mitchell

Episode 17 - Steve Vanderploeg and Rick DeSimone (Part 1)

Episode 23 - Chris Charpentier

Episode 27 - Kevin A Fox, Chris Jeffries, Andy Juett

Episode 45 - Sam Tallent and Jacob Hamel

Bonus Episode #58 - Dave Landau, Tom Dustin, Matt Monroe


Getting old sucks! Get old with the official GOMLYG gang and hear us talk about how getting older effects our Geekhood. Leave us a message if you can relate!

LPP E13 - Book Club Shmook Club 

(Will and Kristen were featured, talking Harry Potter and real dolls...!)


+2 Comedy geeks out and plays games with special guests on topics like video games, comics, anime, table top, conventions and all things nerd!

Episode 35: Will Rogers 

(Will joins the hosts of +2 to talk about time travel, death, immortality, and play a game!)


At Talking Head Podcasts, we recognize that there are so many good shows out there! Many times, it can be hard to find a new show to listen to, or may seem daunting to venture into the wide ocean of indie shows! With #fortheloveofpod we bring you the best episodes of a new indie podcast EVERY WEEK!!! So come listen and come back next week for an all new experience!

Ep. 5: Will and Bobby Know Everything

Episode 93 of WBKE is featured on this episode!

Episode 14: Studio Rejects

Ghostbusters III Part 1 of Studio Rejectsis featured on this episode!

Behind the Cast: Will and Bobby of WB2045

Jake Calland interviews Will and Bobby about what they're doing, why, and what plans they have for the future!


A weekly show hosted by PITizen Iliana Inocencio (and friends) where House team and Indie team members are interviewed, the previous weeks shows reviewed and next weeks shows previewed.

EPISODE? Does anyone have the episode? It was a round-table conversation with the people from the 2013 NYC Podfest. Possibly lost forever.


The No Sleep Podcast is a scripted anthology of original short horror stories, featuring rich atmospheric music and sound design to enhance the frightening tales.

No Sleep Podcast S3E05 

(Will and Allie narrate a story)