Book Club Shmook Club is a bi-weekly podcast, where @ChillinKristen & @HauntedSponge dissect and digest books!

Book Club Shmook Club is a podcast where brother and sister duo Kristen Rogers Anderson (@ChillinKristen) and William Rogers (@HauntedSponge) discuss books and whatever happens to come up through meandering and sometimes ridiculous conversation. They often dig deep to find the story behind the book, its reception, and any influences it may have had on TV shows or movies. They're goofy but thoughtful, analytical but light, and their extensive pop culture vocabulary colors every subject they touch on. Listening to the show feels like hanging out with those friends that you're always happy to see when they come around (which, in this case, is every Friday). 

Each book review episode begins with a spoiler-free summary and Will and Kristen's overall thumbs-up-or-down opinion before launching in to a full summary of the book -- this way if you haven't read the book yet and you're on the fence, you can get a clearer idea of whether it's for you or not. If you've read the book, you get to hear other people's thoughts and opinions on it, like an on-demand water cooler conversation. And if you haven't read the book but would like the audio Cliff's notes from a brother-sister duo who might make a fart joke somewhere in there, you'll be all set to talk about it at your next cocktail party without ever turning a page. They read books so you don't have to!

Episodes covering books come out every other week, so listeners have 2 weeks to read. The next book is always announced at the end of each episode, and the calendar of upcoming books can be found here. On the in-between weeks, an off-topic episode (which we call Extracurricular episodes) comes out, where the subjects range from current TV obsessions to bizarre neighbors. They only leave the most recent Extracurricular up on public feeds, with an extensive back catalog of our off-topic episodes living on, available exclusively to listeners who donate to our show!