THE BLAIR WITCH video game revealed all the secrets!


Just a year after The Blair Witch Project hit theaters, a video game based on the series was released.

Most would assume the game was a cheap knockoff, but shockingly, this little-known game confirms some of the biggest questions of the franchise!


Having heard about the video game in the Now Playing Podcast review of The Blair Witch Project, I decided to look up the game online, and eventually I got sucked into watching a Let's Play on YouTube. It appears to play like a cross between Resident Evil and Myst, which is right up my alley!

There are actually three games in this series, released over the course of a month back in 2000. The first was called Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr, and as the name suggests, it focuses on the story of Rustin Parr, the child murderer mentioned in the original movie, and the character I theorized was the murderer of Heather, Josh, and Mike. This game takes place in the 40's, shortly after Parr turned himself in. A character named Elspeth "Doc" Holliday, a scientist who works for Spookhouse, a group specializing in supernatural cases, has gone to Burkittsville to look into Parr's claims that he was urged to kill by the Blair Witch.

Over the course of her investigation, Elspeth encounters possessed townsfolk, gets lost on looping trails in the woods, and, mostly shockingly, travels through time a solid 16 years before this year's Blair Witch film shows the witch's 4th dimensional hijinks!

Our first clue that events are playing out in a non-linear fashion is when Elspeth reviews an audio recording she had taken earlier in the game (that's right: EVP). She hears her own voice on the tape, saying something she's never said before. My ears perked up.

Not long after, Elspeth travels through the woods and finds herself at Rustin Parr's house. Lightning flashes, the screen goes totally white for a moment, and when the scene fades back in, Elspeth is still standing in the same spot she was in a moment ago, but things look different. There are leaves on the ground. After walking through the house for a bit, Elspeth takes a stroll into the basement, and that's when things get really interesting. There's a man standing facing the corner, and suddenly the sound of frantic screaming fills the house, and it sounds nothing like the stilted voice acting of the video game. No. It's the actual audio from The Blair Witch Project, and suddenly Heather runs down the stairs, holding her camera! 

Check it out below! This walk-through was posted by AdammusPrime on YouTube, and the action starts 20 minutes and 48 seconds in:

From here, things get dicey. Heather falls, holding her camera, just like she does in the movie, but suddenly her body fades out of existence and a translucent demon appears in her place! Did the demon attack Heather? Did she just pass out? The game leaves it as ambiguous as the movie does, but later in the game, there's a similar scene where the Burkittsville townies are suddenly replaced by their own translucent demon/ghost, so perhaps it just represents Elspeth time travelling or dimension hopping to a place where there are no humans. It's hard to say.

Regardless, the video game definitively shows that time is in flux in the Blair Witch's woods. How else could Elspeth from the 40's encounter Heather and Mike from the 90's?  Elspeth makes acquaintances with a man in the woods named Asgaya, who, upon hearing of Elspeth's encounters with mysterious time-hopping beings, states things quite clearly:

Mm, a convergence. When the path bends right, you can see this forest as it is in the past or as it will be in the future. There is no "time" when on these paths, only "place." They are present, past, and future all at once.

There you have it. Much like The Shining's Overlook hotel, all things happen at once. Rustin Parr's house is both still standing, and burned to the ground. Elly Kedward is there. Heather, Josh, and Mike are there. Most recently, James, Lisa, Peter, Ashley, Lane, and Talia have joined them.

But that's not all the game confirms.

Blair Witch Volume 1 concludes with a revelation about the evil that is in the woods. It's older than Elly Kedward, who legend would have you believe is the Blair Witch, the start of everything.

No, instead Asgaya again states that there is a creature in the woods, known to him as Hec-Aitomix. This is the creature who influenced Elly Kedward, Rustin Parr, and presumably many others to kill.

Elspeth: Are you saying there's more than one witch? Or that the witch isn't human?
Asgaya: Neither assumption is incorrect.

The evil in the woods is older than anyone knows, and it is so powerful and mysterious that it might just be beyond human comprehension. It might even be unstoppable.

Indeed we will meet another character being influenced by Hec-Aitomix, and Elspeth herself will work to save this person from befalling the same fate as those who came before.

Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr doesn't look like much, but it's shocking how clearly it reveals what is truly happening in the woods. I haven't moved on to Volume's 2 or 3 yet, but after seeing everything thing that Volume 1 confirmed, I'm very excited to keep going.

What do you think? Have you played this game before? Do you consider the story revealed to be "canon?" Sound off in the comments below! 

You should also check out the above video's description, because AdammusPrime wrote his own theory of what really happened at the end of The Blair Witch Project!

I thought I was done sponging The Blair Witch series, but I can't believe just how much there still is to explore!