Will Rogers, Lead Podcast Writer for Skylark Media, is the writer behind Blackwood, a producer of Earth Break, the director of The Long Hallway, and a creative contributor/performer on numerous additional series, like Guide to the Unknown.

Based in central New Jersey, Will is a writer, driector, problem-solver, and performer known for his quick-wit, outside-the-box thinking, and ability to execute.

Inquiries: WillRogers2000@gmail.com


As the Lead Podcast Writer at Hunt A Killer, I was the writer of the 6-episode scripted podcast Blackwood, which reached #12 on the overall Apple Podcast Charts and #1 in Performing Arts. I developed the overall mythology of the series in addition to all 6 scripts, character studies, plot analyses, and bonus content.

My responsibilities stretched beyond crafting the story, as I was hands-on for the recording process in Los Angeles and worked with Unbridled Sound on the sound of the show in post-production. I worked with Wondery on ad placement and handled the launch strategy for the show. Since launching in October 2018, Blackwood has been spotlighted by Vulture and was broadcast by NPR affiliate WCBE's Midnight Audio Theatre.

As Associate Producer of Earth Break, I worked with series writer Morgan Ormond to craft each episode and design the trajectory of the series. During scripting, I pitched the idea of recording the show live on location, not dissimilar from film and television. When producer April Lamb, director Aaron Katz, and lead performer Jenny Slate signed on, we rented a cabin an hour north of Los Angeles for recording. The authentic sound captured propelled us to become the first fiction podcast to premiere at The Tribeca Film Festival, for which I worked with Aaron Katz to film and edit a visual element to complement the audio. Like Blackwood, I remained centrally involved during post-production and launch.

Earth Break debuted at #1 on the Performing Arts chart of Apple Podcasts, and has been featured in numerous publications like Entertainment Weekly, WNYC, and IndieWire.

The Long Hallway is a short-form horror anthology podcast, crafted to leverage the creativity of the staff at Hunt A Killer and nurture our community's passion for the HAK brand. In contrast to our larger-budget productions of Blackwood and Earth Break, The Long Hallway is designed to be a light, flexible, and consistent product offering for fans of scripted horror podcasts. As the director of this series, I have developed a creative vision for the property that I execute alongside my co-producers and team members. Working in the sound studio with our performers is a highlight for me, as is engaging our emerging writing talent within the company. Episodes begin as a pitch from members of the organization, and I work with the team to craft their concept into a script. This format ensures that each episode comes from a different perspective and provides an opportunity for employees to showcase their creativity. By developing material that comes from the creative heart of our company, this unique podcast serves as an organic advertisement for our key product offering, story-based subscription boxes.

Guide to the Unknown is a weekly comedy podcast created and hosted by my sister Kristen R Anderson and myself.

Guide to the Unknown is recorded each week live on YouTube in front of our audience who are able to communicate directly with us via a live chat box. Every episode, Kristen and I each research an urban legend, legendary creator, or myth, and then share what we learned with each other and our listeners/viewers. The live feed is edited and released on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all other podcast apps each Friday.

Guide to the Unknown is a true independent production, where all artwork, audio design, and material is generated by my sister and myself.